About Us

At Embold, we’re doing more than simply helping people access high-quality healthcare — we’re elevating care quality for entire communities.

There are plenty of point-based physician-ranking solutions in the market. And yes, we can help you quickly identify top-performing physicians for your employees, cut costs for everyone and improve care outcomes. But only Embold goes further to address the larger problem at hand.

By being 100% transparent with our data and insights, we help underperforming physicians and providers see exactly how they can elevate care quality. Rapidly. This translates to improved care for entire communities. And it aligns with the values of purpose-driven companies that believe equitable access to better healthcare for everyone is a noble cause.

Our scientifically rigorous analytics shine a light on top-performing physicians and provide actionable insights to employers and employees searching for appropriate, effective, cost-efficient care. Our commitment to transparent feedback ensures that physicians are given the information they need to improve their practices.

By taking an open, completely transparent, respectful and honest look at physician performance based upon data, we can create lasting change in our nation’s healthcare system.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team brings together deep expertise from across the industry. Together, we leverage our collective strengths to make healthcare better and boldly transform the healthcare system.

Daniel Stein

Daniel Stein, MD, MBA
Chief Executive Officer


Brad Kimler
Chief Commercial Officer


Matt Resnick, MD, MPH
Chief Medical Officer

Cynthia Finter

Cynthia Finter
Chief Operating Officer

Sue Thomson
Sr Vice President of Sales

Carolyn Noel

Carolyn Noel
Vice President of Client Engagement

Embold Health Board of Directors


R. Edward Bergmark, Ph.D.
Former CEO and Founder,

Laura Kaiser

Laura S. Kaiser, FACHE
President and CEO,
SSM Health


Brad Kimler
Chief Commercial Officer,
Embold Health
Former EVP,
Fidelity Investments


Jim O’Connell
President, Vinik Family Office


John Langenus
Former President/SVP, National Accounts Anthem, Cigna

Daniel Stein

Daniel Stein, MD, MBA
CEO and Founder,
Embold Health