Employers & Health Plans

In today’s complex healthcare landscape, self-insured employers are managing out of control costs while balancing the desire to offer high quality healthcare benefits to employees. Employers currently have no control over the quality of care that their employees receive and no meaningful way to measure quality.

Embold is creating a better way to do things. We’re redefining how the healthcare industry measures quality and putting that information in the hands of employers so they can help their employees access the highest performing physicians in their communities. With Embold, employers benefit from their workforce receiving the right level of care that leads to better outcomes, delivered at a lower cost.

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Embold Network Optimizer

The Embold Network Optimizer lets our employer partners tailor their physician network based on their employees’ unique needs and the market. Our simple, web-based application empowers employers to select top providers based on our rigorous, validated analytics. With a customized benefit offering, employers can help improve the quality of care employees receive and ensure strong network coverage across the market, all while achieving cost-savings.

Embold Provider Guide

With the Embold Provider Guide, employees have seamless access to high-quality doctors in their communities. Employees can easily search their employer’s curated network to find the right doctor for the care they need.

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