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Give your clients something they’ve wanted for years: a way to identify physicians consistently delivering appropriate, effective care.

The needs of your clients are constantly evolving, but one thing remains constant; they want to make sure they are getting employees to the best doctors at a fair price.

Embold provides a range of solutions tailored to your clients’ objectives but always rooted in the belief that everyone deserves better care.

Let Embold Help You…

Differentiate yourself by providing clients with an innovative solution, leveraging independent, objective, best-in-class science made approachable for the member.

Help members find the best doctors and get better outcomes and lower healthcare cost

Help members find the best doctors with our DocLogic™ provider guide tool that requires little effort from your clients and delivers big dividends in the form of better outcomes and cost savings for their employees.

Create a high-value, high-performing network

Use our performance insights to create a high-value, high-performing network on top of your existing carrier network.

Drive a range of solutions including better onsite clinic referrals

A single source of performance data that can be used to drive a range of solutions including better referrals from onsite clinics and advanced primary care programs, precision integration with navigation/concierge solutions and to establish a foundation for improving the overall quality of care delivered in the communities most important to your clients.

Measuring Physician Performance: Making Scores Actionable for Members and Doctors

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