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Your employees deserve the best, especially when it comes to their health.

But how do you know they’re getting good care? We can help. With DocLogic™ from Embold, your employees make smarter, more informed decisions about the physicians they choose, and that has a big impact on their health and wellness.

We look at the complete picture of how physicians interact with patients: from diagnosis to treatment planning to outcomes. Then we score doctors on the overall quality and value of the care they provide. This leads to better care for your employees and smarter use of the benefits you provide. And it makes you part of the mission to improve healthcare for all.

Here’s what you get


The best care from the best doctors

Not all doctors practice the same way. We help your employees get the best care possible by using data and analytics to guide them to the doctors who perform to the highest quality standard.

Data Results

More appropriate care

Unnecessary tests, treatments and surgeries lead to unnecessary risks and less desirable outcomes. We measure the appropriateness of the care that doctors are providing, based on the latest clinical standards and guidelines.

Lower Costs

Lower healthcare costs

By some estimates as much as 25% of healthcare spending is wasted, much of it due to variations in practice patterns among doctors. We help lower costs by guiding people to doctors who consistently provide high quality, medically appropriate care.

Healthy and happy employees

Differentiate your company and retain employees with a unique and easily accessible benefit to help employees and their loved ones see the best doctors for their care. Nothing is more important than our health, and helping employees find the best performing doctors for their healthcare needs leads to better results, faster recovery, and lower costs.

Improve healthcare for your whole community of employees, family members and doctors

Measuring Physician Performance: Making Scores Actionable for Members and Doctors

A lively discussion with Ochsner, Microsoft and Embold.

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What does it look like for your employees?

Without Embold
Without DocLogic™

Emma, 31, is excited to learn she is pregnant and looks forward to welcoming her first child into the world. She is in good health and strongly prefers to have a natural birth. She chats with her friends and gets a recommendation for the same doctor they used. She later welcomes a beautiful baby girl — but is disappointed that the doctor chose to deliver her child via cesarean section.

With Embold
With DocLogic™

Emma uses the DocLogic tool when searching for a doctor to deliver her baby. She finds out the OB her friends recommend has a lower overall quality score with a low treatment plan score. With DocLogic™ she finds a doctor nearby with a higher rating which comes from the doctor’s delivery methods aligning with the latest clinical guidelines. She delivers a healthy baby naturally, avoiding a costly and invasive procedure.

And what does it look like as a benefits leader?

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Without Embold
Without DocLogic™

Anne, 45, is a human resources executive at a large company. She wants to give her employees the best benefits, but costs just keep rising. And even worse, employee satisfaction is still low. Anne struggles to find benefits that include the diverse population of the employees. Some employees are hesitant to go to a doctor for their mental and physical health needs.

With Embold
With DocLogic™

Anne uses DocLogic™ to help employees find doctors who provide the most appropriate and necessary care. Key wellness benefits are incorporated and highlighted to meet the employee’s specific needs at the time they are looking for care. Anne sees points solution utilization increase, costs fall, and her company enjoys a record year with happier (and healthier) employees.

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