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Your Network, Made Smarter

Get your members to the best physicians.

It’s time to take your network strategy to the next level. With Embold, you can use independent data to build your network, guiding your members towards doctors that follow the latest best practices, providing the most appropriate and effective care. Not only will this save your clients money, but it will boost employee satisfaction and productivity as well.

Let Embold Help You…

Use independent, objective performance data to differentiate your product

Health plans dedicate significant resources to measuring quality of care, but many struggle to convince their customers and the health care providers that their measures are objective and/or based on enough observations to be credible.

Guide members toward the best, most efficient providers

Plan sponsors are demanding more creative solutions for getting their members to the best providers. Embold offers a range of solutions that can supplement and enhance your solutions in this space.

Inform your value based contracting strategies.

Providers are skeptical of quality measures that are used to inform compensation. Using independent sources to inform these programs can create a more productive dialog that leads to sustained improvement over time.

Use the data to inform value based contracting strategies.
Help them promote other point solutions.

Measuring Physician Performance: Making Scores Actionable for Members and Doctors

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