You’re always pushing to be the best you can be.

And Embold provides objective and independent measurements to help you.

See the ratings your patients are seeing, plus a look under the hood at how you compare to your peers.

You want your patients to be happy, healthy and home as soon as possible. At Embold, we give you the tools to do just that. We combine hard data and the latest best practices to measure the effectiveness and appropriateness of care. Insights are provided to help high-performing doctors like you.

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What the patient sees while using DocLogic™

Our mission is to raise the standard in health care through the power of actionable and objective insights into physician performance. Therefore, we provide this information free to measured physicians.

For the public, these measures are presented in our patient facing platform called DocLogic™, a benefit provided to employees by employers to supplement provider directories.

Why do we call it DocLogic™? At the core, the measures are created by doctors for doctors, so doctors can see how they compare to their peers and learn where to improve. If you had the time and resources to measure physician quality, this is how you would do it.

We are the only quality analytics source that shares their methods with you, the measurement subject.

There’s no black box. Together, we’re writing the book on evidence-based quality standards, and it’s an open book to you.

See our methods and get your report.

*Available to providers in a network or geographic market where Embold Health has developed metrics.

Why would I want this report?

    1. It’s YOUR report. These are your rankings on relevant, risk-adjusted, and statistically significant practice patterns.
    2. See how you stack up against other physicians in your area.
    3. Receive insights that keep you on top of your game and delivering high-quality care.
    4. Get access to real people to understand the rating methodology. With any questions, reach out to our physician engagement team.
    5. Focus on what’s important to employers, the most powerful group of healthcare purchasers.
    6. Improve your reputation and grow your practice by delivering the most appropriate and effective care.
    7. Maximize performance for your risk-based contracts with referral insights.

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Embold and Harvard Publish in JAMA Health Forum

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