How It Works

Combining the best analytics + the biggest data to fix healthcare



We work with top physicians and data scientists from leading academic institutions across the country to comprehensively measure physician performance based on the latest scientific evidence. Our rigorous, objective analytics provide the unparalleled insights necessary to make healthcare better.

Big Data


Through a collaborative agreement, Embold has access to Blue Health Intelligence’s national data repository, containing the largest, most current and uniform dataset in healthcare.



We believe in total transparency. We share our findings with physicians to drive real, lasting improvements in clinical performance. And, we hold ourselves to the same high standards. We are open about our rigorous approach, welcoming feedback and questions to help us improve, too.

Embold Health’s analytics capture three critical aspects of care delivery.

Quality measurements that exist today don’t provide the full story to accurately evaluate physician performance. At Embold, we’re creating a new standard to measure quality and improve patient care and physician performance.

Our analysis captures three critical aspects of care delivery:


Was the care medically necessary? Has the care been shown to improve health based on the latest science?


Was the care delivered following the latest scientific guidelines? Did patients achieve the right outcomes?


Was the care delivered cost efficiently or are there opportunities to reduce the cost associated with the treatment?

Chief Medical Officer Matt Resnick, MD, MPH, discusses these critical factors of care and the often dramatic differences seen between the highest and lowest performing physicians.

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