Our Approach

Better healthcare starts with a deeper trust in the people we trust with our health.

As doctors and healthcare professionals, we know that variations in medical practices can lead to unnecessary and inappropriate care exposing patients to higher risks and wasting valuable healthcare dollars. We are here to fix this.

What Makes Us Different

100% visibility from a physician led, physician founded healthcare company.

We are the gold standard in doctor performance rating analytics, driven by clinical guidelines and a deep analysis of healthcare data measuring what matters and providing 100% visibility for all of our healthcare stakeholders.

What We Provide

The gold standard in physician performance rankings

  • Highly rigorous and objective analytics made approachable for ease of use.
  • Personalized to unique needs and preferences
  • Data that can be incorporated seamlessly into existing applications
  • A modern user experience in how the data is presented.
  • Ease of identifying local providers delivering appropriate, effective care


Visibility for

  • Employers

    Employers get better visibility into high quality physicians for their employees resulting in better engagement with other wellness benefits and more appropriate care at a lower cost.

  • Employees

    Employees get better visibility into doctor performances and practices, allowing them better insights and information so they can make more informed decisions on their health care needs.

  • Doctors

    Doctors get better visibility into how they perform relative to their peers and actionable insights in how to improve.

  • Health Plans

    Health Plans get better visibility into more powerful quality measurements and more confidence to manage performance in their networks.

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