Our Approach

Better healthcare starts with better information.

They say that what you don’t know can’t hurt you. Not so true when it comes to healthcare.

As doctors and healthcare professionals, we’ve seen the consequences of not knowing what you’re getting into: unnecessary, inappropriate care that exposes patients to higher risks and wastes valuable healthcare dollars. It happens  because of  variations in how doctors practice medicine, but we’re out to fix this.

How are we different?

Unlike online reviews or word-of-mouth recommendations, our easy-to-use DocLogic is based on the latest science and objective data because we think everyone deserves to have confidence that they and their loved ones are getting quality healthcare.

In fact, as a physician-founded, physician-led company, we’re setting the gold standard for physician quality measurement, combining the rigor of world-class analytics with the soul of a trusted family doctor. DocLogic is the only solution that’s driven by clinical guidelines, deep analysis of healthcare data and 100% transparency (we share individual scores with doctors so that they can continually improve).

What are you getting?

  • Employers get happy, healthy, and retained employees with an easily accessible benefit to help employees and their families see the best doctors for their care needs.
  • Employers also get lower healthcare costs and better engagement with other wellness benefits.
  • Employees get access to high quality care.
  • Doctors get transparent, evidence-based measures that can improve their practice.
  • Everyone gets to take part in raising the quality of health care.

Here’s how it all works

Quality ratings at their fingertips

Personalized to their unique needs

For total wellness, both physical and mental health

Tailored to your benefit plan

Driving quality improvement

We set the standard with complete data, full transparency, measuring what matters, and better science – all designed to give employers, employees and doctors actionable performance insights.

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