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Your clients want the best doctors at a fair price.

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Your clients want a way to identify physicians delivering consistent, appropriate, and effective care. We can help you meet their needs and differentiate yourself in the process by providing innovative solutions that leverage independent, objective, and best-in-class data analytics made approachable for the member. 

What We Provide

Independent, Objective, Credible Data

  • Data that is approachable
    Data that is
    An easy and approachable way to search for and find the best doctors for better outcomes at lower healthcare costs
  • Data that is high-value, high-performance
    Data that is high-value,
    A high-value, high-performing network that can live on top of your existing carrier network.
  • Data that accommodates your needs
    Data that accommodates
    your needs
    Precision integration with navigation/concierge solutions and an entire spectrum of solutions including better onsite clinic referrals and advanced primary care programs.
How It Works

Anne, 45, is a human resources executive at a large company.

Anne wants to make sure her employees have access to information that can help them find the best doctors and receive the best care possible. But in the absence of that information, employees are just going on recommendations from their friends or choosing their physicians out of convenience versus practice patterns or quality of care. As a result, there are more doctor visits which leads to increased healthcare costs and employees are accepting whatever information is given to them by their doctors.
With Embold Health’s
Physician Ratings Engine
Anne offers her employees access and insights into how doctors perform so they can find a quality doctor who meets their unique needs. Her employees are armed with information to ask the right questions and feel in control over who they choose for their medical needs. As a result, there are fewer repeat visits, healthcare costs remain in check and employees feel empowered in their healthcare decisions.

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