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Salary and titles are no longer enough.

Employees want their benefits to accommodate their needs and be consistent with their values. And when it comes to their health, they want to feel their employer cares about the quality of care they receive. This is where we come in.

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We provide your employees with an easy to use, independent source of data that allows them to select high-quality physicians to meet their unique health needs. We look at the complete picture of how physicians interact with patients; from diagnosis to treatment to planning to outcomes. Then we score doctors on overall quality and value of the care they provide and share that data with you and your employees. And to go one step further, we also share that data with the doctors so they can see how their treatment and practices compare to others in their field. 

Your employees can make smarter, more informed decisions about the physicians they choose, and you get a smarter use of the benefits you provide. 

What You Get

Benefits with benefits.

  • The best care from the best doctors
    The best care from the best doctors
    Not all doctors practice the same way. We help guide your employees to the doctors who perform to the highest quality standard.
  • Lower healthcare costs
    Lower healthcare costs
    By some estimates, as much as 25% of healthcare spending is wasted, much of it due to variations in physician practice patterns. With more appropriate care comes lower costs.
  • More appropriate care
    More appropriate care
    Unnecessary tests, treatments and surgeries lead to unnecessary risks and less desirable outcomes. We measure the appropriateness of the care that doctors are providing, based on the latest clinical standards and guidelines.
  • Healthy and happy employees
    Healthy and happy employees
    Better healthcare benefits can lead to higher employee retention. Helping employees find the best performing doctors can lead to better results, faster recovery, and lower costs.
How It Works

Emma, 31, is pregnant with her first child.

Hoping to have a natural childbirth, she turns to her friends for a recommendation and ends up using the same doctor they used. She later welcomes a beautiful baby girl but is disappointed that the doctor chose to deliver her child via C-section, a more invasive and costly procedure.
With Embold Health ‘s
Physician Ratings Engine
Emma finds out the OB her friends have recommended has a lower overall quality rating compared to others in the field and is known to perform unnecessary C-sections. Through Embold Heath, she is able to find a doctor nearby with a higher rating who follows the latest clinical guidelines and has had great success with natural childbirth. She delivers a healthy baby naturally, avoiding a costly and invasive procedure that she was trying to avoid in the first place.

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