Embold Health

Empower your career at Embold

We’re on a mission. A mission where you can give your all and go home every day knowing you’re helping to transform healthcare. We empower people with the knowledge that they and their loved ones need to get top quality care and better outcomes?

Interested? Come join us. We’re passionate about making healthcare better for everyone, and we’ve figured out how to harness the power of data and analytics to help people make better healthcare choices. It’s exciting work, and we’re looking for smart, driven professionals who want to make a difference.

If you’re bold in your thinking like we are – after all, it’s in our name – let’s boldly tackle one of healthcare’s biggest challenges together.

Our Culture

We approach healthcare analytics with the discipline of a research scientist and the soul of a family doctor. We know that patients inherently trust their physicians, but our work also shows that not all doctors practice to the same standards.  In fact, there can be significant variations in practice patterns and patient outcomes among doctors in the same community.

We want to help patients find the top performing doctors in their area – doctors who follow the latest standards and clinical guidelines. Doctors who don’t order unnecessary tests or perform unneeded surgeries. Doctors who consistently deliver quality and value to their patients.

And more than just guiding people to doctors with the highest quality scores, we want to help all doctors improve, too, so we are completely transparent when it comes to sharing our data and methods.

Maybe the best way to tell you about who we are is the commitments we make to each other. They’re on the wall at our company headquarters in Nashville and we work hard to live up to them every day.

Daniel Stein

“Embold is a place where smart, talented, committed people are making a difference in other people’s lives by transforming healthcare. Adding your gifts and your passion to our team can only make us stronger as we strive to accomplish great things together.”

-Daniel Stein, CEO of Embold Health

Our Commitments to Each Other

Be Bold.

We’re going to change healthcare and that’s important. Go for it.

Appreciate each other.

We’re fortunate to work on this mission together.

Keep moving.

Talk is cheap. Progress is what matters.

Do your best.

Prepare. Give your best efforts. Things will work out.

Respect each other.

Embrace our diversity and learn from each other.

Have fun.

We’re on an amazing journey so let’s enjoy it.

Collaborate and share.

While each of you is special, we are so much better when we work together.


We’re running hard and fast. Take time to appreciate the journey.

Trust each other.

We’re all in the same boat. Assume good intentions.

Own it.

Mistakes are ok. Take responsibility and share so we can all learn.

Be yourself.

Be open, honest, ethical, and genuine. You’re on the team for a reason.

Lead by example.

We’re charting a new path. Have the courage to lead.