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Everyone deserves to know they are getting quality care.

We are setting the gold standard in objective physician quality measurement, powering smarter healthcare decisions for your employees and their loved ones.

Better data, better care with DocLogic™.
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How does anyone really know what they are getting when it comes to healthcare?

Every minute there are 70,000 health-related searches on Google. Patients (and doctors) want credible information. Most doctor reviews and referrals are based on word of mouth or subjective experiences, not actual results and objective quality standards.

Our DocLogic™ solution is an online search platform, both mobile and desktop, where employees identify top-performing providers, based on real data and grounded in the latest medical research and clinical guidelines.

Your employees get doctor-level insights, empowering them to find physicians reliably delivering high-quality care.

We measure what matters.

Appropriate Care

Was the care medically necessary? Were there better alternatives for the patient based on the latest science?

Effective Care

Was the care delivered following the latest clinical guidelines, and was the outcome optimal?

Reasonable Cost

In addition to being appropriate and effective, was the care delivered at a reasonable cost relative to medical peers in the community?

Improving healthcare takes trust and collaboration. That’s our model.


Help employees and their dependents identify and connect with top-performing physicians in your network, improving quality, decreasing unnecessary care, and reducing cost. Attract and retain happy and healthy employees with this unique benefit.



Get access to completely transparent, best-in-class analytics that provide actionable insights into clinical performance relative to peers. These analytics help physicians deliver exceptional care to every patient, every time.

Benefits Consultants

Stand out by offering an innovative healthcare solution, leveraging independent, objective, best-in-class science that is easy to use and gets results.


Health Plans

Gain unparalleled insights into provider performance, leading to clinical improvement with physician partners and consistently better patient outcomes.


Embold Health helps employees and their loved ones make smarter, more informed decisions about the physicians they choose, leading to something we want for everyone — the best care possible.

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