Better Data.
Better Care.

Healthcare shouldn’t be left to chance. Using data – not guesswork – Embold Health connects you to the doctors in your community who consistently deliver high quality care. That leads to better outcomes, more appropriate care and lower costs.

Creating a new standard for healthcare quality.

Bringing together the largest dataset in healthcare, clinically validated analytics and the expertise of leading physicians and data scientists, Embold shines a light on top-performing doctors, ensuring that people receive better care and all doctors have the opportunity to improve.

Our totally transparent solution empowers employers, health plans and physicians to make better choices and invites them to join us in boldly transforming healthcare.


  • Identify and connect your employees with top-performing physicians in your health plans.
  • Improve quality, decrease unnecessary care and reduce cost.

Health Plans

  • Access comprehensive, physician-level analytics that capture and measure the critical aspects of care.
  • Leverage unparalleled insight into provider performance to improve outcomes and catalyze clinical improvement with your physician partners.


  • Access validated analytics that provide actionable insight into your clinical performance relative to your peers.
  • Optimize your performance to deliver exceptional care to every patient, every time.