Helping you find the right doctor.
The first time.

Embold Health achieves better health outcomes and cost savings using physician-level quality data and an interactive member experience to connect people to top-performing physicians in their local communities.

Guide your employees to better care

Lead your employees to the doctors they deserve

Our mission is to get your members to the best providers in their communities. Leverage Embold’s industry-leading digital navigation tools to ensure your workforce has access to the best care and avoids unnecessary, costly treatments.

Give your members a reason to make better choices

Identifying the best doctors isn’t enough. Embold curates physician networks that incentivize your employees to choose high-quality providers, promoting better outcomes and cost savings.

Guide your employees to better care

Savings that scale

Choosing high-quality providers not only ensures a healthier workforce, but it can also reduce inappropriate care and unnecessary spending. Members who use Embold tools can save over $2,200 per year when they see better providers.


Discover how our clinically-validated and transparent approach to physician quality can boost health outcomes and reduce unnecessary care for your organization.

Better outcomes, real savings.

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