Eliminate the guesswork

No need to wonder if you’re receiving the right care. Embold Health has built ground-breaking and scientifically-proven technology that allows users to make informed decisions they can trust.

Guide your employees to better care


We measure quality

Using peer-reviewed, rigorous analytics, we rank individual physician performance across the U.S. by measuring appropriateness, effectiveness, and total cost of care. Our national dataset covers over 200 million lives and evaluates measures aimed at key drivers of inappropriate and wasteful healthcare.


We make it easy to find quality doctors

We embed our quality metrics directly into digital navigation tools, where you can quickly find a high-performing provider covered by your plan. Search through 17 clinical specialties and 68 clinical focus areas to find the right doctor for your needs.

Guide your employees to better care
Guide your employees to better care


Encourage better selection to increase savings

The worst kind of care is care that you don’t need. That’s why we curate networks of high-quality doctors that lead to better health outcomes and proven cost savings for our clients.


Create meaningful change

We engage your members and empower their providers to ensure that healthcare is improved across the board. By partnering with Embold, you can create an impact with a sustainable solution for better healthcare in your community.

Make your benefits program work for you and your members

Discover how our clinically-validated and transparent approach to physician quality can boost health outcomes and reduce unnecessary care for your organization.