Lead your employees to the doctors they deserve

Finding healthcare doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Embold’s industry-leading digital navigation tools expertly navigate your employees and their families to the best care possible. This means better health outcomes and over $2,200 annual cost savings per member.

Guide your employees to better care

An intuitive doctor-finding experience

Our flexible search engine, Provider Guide, creates a simple way for your members to find high-performing providers. Powered by rigorous, scientifically-backed objective analytics, members can quickly access the best care to solve their health needs.

Members who use Embold tools are 40% more likely to choose a high-performing doctor and avoid a low-performing one.

Member and advocate support in real-time

Educate and empower your employees with Embold Virtual Assistant, a conversational, clinically validated, AI-driven chat experience that offers personalized recommendations based on your expressed needs. Simply ask questions to find the right care, 24/7.

Guide your employees to better care
Guide your employees to better care

Integrate quality data directly into your existing ecosystem

With direct integration, you can custom embed quality and cost insights anywhere across your current benefits program. Plus, showcase multiple health benefits and wellness initiatives all in one place to increase member usage.

Make your benefits program work for you and your members

Embold’s flexible network curation and plan design drives member behavior change and makes finding a preferred provider a financial win for everyone.

Make your benefits program work for you and your members


Easy implementation

Integrate seamlessly into your existing applications and tools.

Cost savings

Your members can save more than $2,200 per year by using Embold's tools.

Healthy members

Easy-to-use, actionable, data means members find high-quality care as early as possible.


"I struggled to find a new primary care doc until my company offered Embold’s Provider Guide. It was easy to find a highly rated doctor convenient to my home. The doctor spent a lot of time with me and identified that some of my prescribed medications were unnecessary. I now have a better health plan that fits my needs.”

— Provider Guide User