Senator Bill Frist’s “A Second Opinion” Podcast Hosts Embold’s Dr. Stein to Discuss Raising the Bar in Healthcare

April 26, 2022

A Second Opinion Podcast – Dr. Daniel Stein, CEO & Founder of Embold Health, on Transparently Evaluating Physician Performance to Inform Patients & Payors, & Equip Physicians to Raise the Bar

Finding a high-quality doctor is hard. With unnecessary medical care and decisions that produce poor outcomes considered among the largest cost drivers in healthcare, healthcare consumers are often unaware that there are huge variations in quality and appropriateness of care between doctors – often in the same market.

So how do organizations effectively navigate members away from poor-performing providers to high-value care? Embold’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Daniel Stein sat down with renowned healthcare leader, Senator Bill Frist, MD, to discuss this and more for his podcast, “A Second Opinion.”

During this insightful conversation, the duo delved into the impactful innovation taking place at Embold Health, the importance of quality measures and physician evaluation, and how to transparently analyze and assess the quality-of-care clinicians provide.

Stein built Embold Health on the idea that if you bring healthcare quality transparency to members and providers, you allow patients to make confident decisions about their healthcare, while at the same time giving doctors information they can use to improve the quality of care they provide.

According to Frist, Embold’s solution is long overdue. “Doctors don't have a good way of knowing how they stack up or compare to the doctor in the next building or three miles away… the standards have never been set because the data is so diffuse and disaggregated.”

That’s where Embold comes in. “My belief is if you share feedback with the doctors and do it openly and honestly and humbly… it gives us (doctors) the chance to get out of this dynamic and instead actually raise the bar,” added Stein.

Through Embold’s DocLogic solution, “We showed how different doctors in different markets caring for similar patients compare. And we found things like unnecessary knee surgery rates by orthopedic surgeon varies from 3 to 5 percent to 15, 20, 30 percent depending on the doctor.”

Driven by clinical guidelines, deep analysis of healthcare data, and 100% transparency, DocLogic provides patients with doctor-level insight into physician performance across the continuum of care, while also giving providers a tool to analyze and improve their performance, appropriateness, and effectiveness of their care.

This is a win-win for providers, organizations, and their employees, who see better outcomes, lower costs, and greater accountability as a result of Embold’s innovative solutions. At the end of the day, Stein noted, Embold’s mission is clear, “Our sole and only job is to evaluate physician performance as well as it can be done.”

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