Dr. Daniel Stein chimes in on healthcare quality on Yale's Health and Veritas Podcast

March 31, 2022
5 min read
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In an episode of Health & Veritas, hosts Howie and Harlan delve into the intricate world of healthcare quality measurement and improvement with special guest Dr. Daniel Stein, CEO of Embold Health.

Embold Health, Dr. Stein's brainchild, utilizes real clinical data from health plan datasets to evaluate physician performance. By analyzing patterns of care delivery against the latest evidence-based standards, Embold Health identifies top-performing physicians and healthcare systems. Dr. Stein highlights the methodology behind this process, providing examples such as knee scopes to illustrate how data analytics can reveal variations in practice patterns.

A notable aspect of Embold Health's approach is its commitment to transparency and feedback. Physicians are provided with scorecard reports, accompanied by relevant clinical literature and guidelines, to empower them in delivering high-quality care.

The conversation extends to the broader landscape of healthcare innovation, with Howie highlighting the emergence of disruptors in primary care delivery, including retail giants like Walmart and tech-enabled startups like Aledade and Cityblock. Dr. Stein emphasizes the importance of elevating primary care, which he views as the cornerstone of medicine, and leveraging data to drive quality improvement initiatives.

Drawing from his experience in healthcare policy, Dr. Stein underscores the significance of collaboration and stakeholder engagement in effecting meaningful change. He acknowledges the complexity of the healthcare ecosystem and the necessity of a multifaceted approach to address its challenges.

To listen to the full episode, visit Dr. Daniel Stein: What the Data Says about Your Doctor | Yale Insights

For media inquiries: marketing@emboldhealth.com

For additional information: sales@emboldhealth.com


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