Dr. Mattew Resnick visits the Catalyst for Payment Reform Podcast

March 25, 2024
5 min read
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Dr. Matt Resnick on the Catalyst for Payment Reform Podcast

In this episode of Listening In (With Permission) Dr. Matthew Resnick, Chief Medical Officer at Embold Health, discusses with Ryan the evolution of quality measurement and improvement in healthcare, emphasizing the importance of aligning care with evidence-based guidelines.

He highlights the need for integrating quality and cost considerations to drive progress in the healthcare system and addresses the disparities in access to high-quality care, particularly in rural areas, and suggests short-term and long-term solutions to address these challenges.

The episode underscores the significance of purchaser engagement in prioritizing healthcare quality alongside cost considerations to drive meaningful improvements in patient outcomes and reduce unnecessary care.

To listen to the podcast, Stream Episode 131: Dr. Matthew Resnick on the state of quality measurement by Listening In (with Permission...) | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

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