Dr. Matthew Resnick sits down at the I Don't Care Podcast with Dr. Kevin Stevenson to discuss healthcare quality

August 29, 2023

Selecting and Finding the Best Healthcare Physicians Requires a Roadmap That Leads to Trust and Accessibility

For an era of information, the paradox of choice reigns supreme, and the field of finding healthcare physicians is no exception. With a multitude of physicians available, patients are often lost in a maze, struggling to find the right doctor for their specific needs. The stakes are high, especially considering that approximately 50 percent of back surgeries in the U.S. are deemed unnecessary. How does one navigate this complex landscape to find the most appropriate, effective, and cost-efficient healthcare?

What do patients really know about their healthcare providers, and how can they be certain they’re choosing the one who will offer the best care for their unique needs? It’s an important question that offers a window into the dilemmas faced by Americans searching for the right physician.

On the latest episode of “I Don’t Care with Kevin Stevenson,” host Kevin Stevenson sat down with Dr. Matthew Resnick, Chief Medical Officer and SVP of Health Plans and Partners at Embold Health. Together, they explored the intricacies of selecting the best healthcare physicians, using Embold Health’s proprietary physician ratings engine. This engine helps patients find physicians delivering quality outcomes and helps physicians assess and compare their performance.

The conversation between the two explored:

  • How Embold Health strives to make physician selection transparent and trustworthy.
  • How performance has been subjective and the move towards evaluating appropriateness, effectiveness, and total cost of care.
  • How Embold Health’s solutions help regular Americans find the right type of doctor and assess their quality of care.

Dr. Matthew Resnick is a urologic oncologist, having treated prostate and bladder cancer predominantly at Vanderbilt’s academic medical center. Resnick is a health services researcher and interested in physicians’ decision-making processes with and for patients. In his role, Resnick also develops tools that shine a light on quality healthcare providers.

Thank you to the I Don't Care Podcast with Dr. Kevin Stevenson for this feature.

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