Embold Health and Walmart speak at American College of Healthcare Executive’s Annual Congress

March 22, 2021

Lisa Woods, Vice President, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing, Walmart Stores, Inc., and Daniel Stein, MD, CEO and founder, Embold Health, participated in the American College of Healthcare Executive’s (ACHE) annual Congress on Healthcare Leadership.

Lisa Wood’s presentation focused on models they utilize at Walmart for direct provider partnerships to achieve superior employee health outcomes. In addition, Walmart’s strategy for Centers of Excellence, narrow network plans and alternative solutions for the delivery of value-based care were highlighted. Daniel Stein weighed in to demonstrate how Embold Health’s provider-level data analysis and focus on transparency supports Walmart’s ongoing focus on quality as its “true north.”  “When you look at real results and real data down to the physician level you can see stark differences in how individual physicians perform relative to the latest science,” said Daniel Stein, “That’s the work we’re doing here at Embold – to take the guesswork out of selecting providers by using clinically validated analytics.”

Organizations of all sizes can follow the lead of Walmart and other forward-thinking companies to drive significant and meaningful change in healthcare. “Lasting and durable cost reduction and quality improvement are truly possible when we all work together,” said Daniel Stein.

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