Embold Health Featured on Prestigious Healthcare Panel During Business Group on Health's Annual Conference

April 21, 2022

Embold Health Founder and CEO, Dr. Daniel Stein joined a distinguished panel of healthcare professionals, including UnitedHealth Group Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Omar Baker, and Vanderbilt University Associate Professor of Economics, Dr. Larry Van Horn, for a lively and insightful discussion at the Business Group on Health’s Annual Conference on April 19-21 in Nashville, TN.

This year’s conference, “Collaborating on the Future of Health and Well-Being,” brought together over 350 employers and industry leaders sharing insights on using healthcare benefits innovation to drive more effective utilization, significant cost savings, and increased employee satisfaction. The conference focused on how purpose-driven healthcare strategies and tactics propel positive business outcomes and enhance the employee experience.

The plenary session, titled “Higher Quality, Lower Cost…But How?” explored the importance of healthcare quality data and transparency, post-pandemic cost drivers and opportunities to mitigate trends, and ways to help providers deliver high-quality care to improve patient outcomes.

“The healthcare experience continues to be a source of frustration and unexpected cost for consumers, whether they are facing a serious diagnosis, going for a simple checkup or seeking guidance for their health,” said Stein. “Embold’s solution supports diverse healthcare needs—by providing employees and their families doctor-level insight into physician performance across the continuum of care, while also giving providers a tool to analyze and improve their performance, appropriateness, and effectiveness of their care.

The panelists also explored the tremendous opportunity employers have to use data to inform their benefits strategy -- increasing cost savings, achieving better outcomes and influencing healthcare change.

“When you look at real results and real data down to the physician level you can see stark differences in how individual physicians perform relative to the latest science,” said Daniel Stein, “That’s the work we’re doing here at Embold – to take the guesswork out of selecting providers by using clinically validated analytics.”

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