Embold Health Participates in Moving to Value Alliance’s Webinar, “Making it Easier for Employees and Patients to Find Higher Value Healthcare Providers”

April 9, 2021

Matt Resnick, Embold Health’s Chief Medical Officer, joined Michael O’Neil of Healthcare Bluebook and Scott Schoenvogel of Simple Pay Health as presenters for Moving to Value Alliance’s webinar, “Making it Easier for Employees and Patients to Find Higher Value Healthcare Providers”.

For years health insurers have been talking about Centers of Excellence and high value provider networks. Some of these lack credibility and others lack creative plan design mechanisms to “nudge” members to utilize these high performing networks. In 2021, however, innovative employers and their vendor partners are attempting to solve these entrenched problems by using analytics to shine a light on providers who produce better outcomes at lower cost – and combining this information with benefit plan designs to connect patients with top-performing doctors and facilities.

Matt Resnick provided insight into Embold’s methodology, highlighting the clinically validated analysis of physician performance relative to their peers, to identify the highest-performing physicians. Armed with this data, employers are able to incent and steer members to these physicians, thereby reducing cost and waste and while also realizing better patient outcomes.