Partnership with The Independent Colleges and Universities Benefits Association (ICUBA) to improve healthcare for members

September 13, 2022
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Embold Health Announces Partnership with The Independent Colleges and Universities Benefits Association (“ICUBA”) to Improve Healthcare for its Members

Embold Health’s physician performance insights will improve healthcare quality, decrease unnecessary care, and reduce costs for ICUBA’s members.

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Embold Health, the industry leader in objective doctor quality analytics, announced a partnership with The Independent Colleges and Universities Benefits Association, Inc. (“ICUBA”) to provide its members with insights into physician performance and improve the quality of healthcare for their entire community.

As a self-funded healthcare cooperative covering more than 16,000 members, ICUBA pools the purchasing power of its 25 affiliate schools to provide high-quality, cost-effective health benefits through pioneering collaborations with partners like Embold Health.

According to Mark Weinstein, ICUBA President and CEO, “Partnering with an innovative organization like Embold is a no-brainer for ICUBA. Selecting the right doctor greatly impacts the level of care our members receive. Not only is Embold’s solution the most powerful doctor quality analytics platform we’ve ever seen, but it also improves the entire healthcare ecosystem by showing doctors how they compare to their peers and identifying areas of improvement – resulting in a win for ICUBA, a win for our members, and a win for our health plan.”

Embold’s objective doctor quality data empowers members and their families to easily search for preferred doctors by seamlessly integrating into all member touchpoints within ICUBA’s health plan. ICUBA incorporated an Embold Health badge to designate providers consistently delivering top-quality care and eliminated office visit copays for these preferred providers to make it even more affordable to access higher-quality care.

“ICUBA has a long-standing commitment to improving healthcare and making it more accessible for its members. At Embold, we’re proud to bring this vision to life by empowering their members to become better healthcare consumers,” said Dr. Daniel Stein, Embold Health CEO and Founder. “As an ICUBA brand partner, we look forward to helping their members find high-quality doctors, resulting in lower costs and better care for their members.”

About Embold Health

We are a doctor-led, doctor-founded group of healthcare advocates leading a community that wants to improve healthcare for all. Through rigorous data analytics, we have developed the gold standard in defensible and actionable doctor ratings that are completely visible to all healthcare stakeholders. The result is higher quality care from providers, more appropriate care for members, and lower overall costs for employers. Visit to learn more.

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The Independent Colleges and Universities Benefits Association, Inc. (ICUBA) is a nonprofit Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement operating as a Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association in the State of Florida. As a Healthcare Cooperative, membership is open to any nonprofit, private Florida education employer, including any member of the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF) or Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS). To learn more, visit


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