Embold Health Presents “Innovation in Provider Analytics: The Catalyst for Achieving High-Quality Care” at the Health Action Council In-Value-Able Conference

February 18, 2021

Matt Resnick, Chief Medical Officer, and Brad Kimler, Chief Commercial Officer of Embold Health participated in the Health Action Council’s 2021 In-Value-Able Virtual Conference Series & Expo.  The Conference was a 5-part virtual adventure running January 21st – February 18thdesigned to help attendees ‘Reach New Heights, Together.’ Embold Health along with Buoy Health participated in a breakout session entitled the “Data-Driven Digital Revolution” and discussed the opportunity that data-driven insight presents in this digital-first healthcare landscape. Employers are increasingly searching for transparent, objective data to gain awareness around the behaviors and health of their workforce, as well as to evaluate practitioners providing health services to them.

The key to achieving improvement in healthcare is the quality of and transparency surrounding the provider analytics. “Across the past two years there has been a proliferation of new data analytics capabilities that has allowed us to see the variation that exists within a marketplace.  And we now see that this same variation also happens within the walls of the hospital systems themselves,” said Brad Kimler, Chief Commercial Officer.  The need for impartial, quality data that is easy to digest is necessary at the individual physician level and is critical to put employees and their families in the driver’s seat when selecting doctors.

Helping employers steer their employees to the highest performing doctors and away from the low performers will help reduce the incredible amount of healthcare waste that exists. “It isn’t just the economic consequences of delivering this low value healthcare, it is more importantly the human consequences and the cascade of downstream treatments, complications and time off work,” said Matt Resnick, Chief Medical Officer.

By activating the provider community with the same transparent data analytics, we can enable quality improvement across all physicians and realize a larger impact in the overall quality of care provided. “The greater opportunity is harnessing the power of the data analytics in a way that makes lasting change in the marketplace and community,” said Brad Kimler, Chief Commercial Officer.

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