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Using data to honor the Hippocratic oath.

As doctors ourselves, we understand how important your commitment is to provide your patients with the best care possible. We also know that feedback post medical school is rare. So, we developed an independent, objective, and actionable ratings engine to help you stay informed and deliver better care for your patients.

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With our data you can see the ratings your patients are seeing and how your treatment compares to your peers. You want your patients to be satisfied with your recommendations and how they are being treated overall. By combining rigorous data with the latest best practices, we can measure the effectiveness and appropriateness of your care to help your patients better trust you, the people they trust with their healthcare.

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Together, we are improving healthcare with actionable and objective insights into physician performance and evidence-based quality standards. We are the only ratings engine that shares the independent data with you, the providers delivering medical care.

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  • It is your report. These are your rankings on relevant, risk-adjusted, and statistically significant practice patterns.
  • Receive insights and see how you compare with other physicians with similar disciplines.
  • Get access to real people to understand the rating methodology. Reach out to our physician engagement team with any questions.
  • Focus on what is important to employers and other healthcare purchasers.
  • Improve your reputation and grow your practice by delivering the most appropriate and effective care.
  • Maximize performance for your risk-based contracts with referral insights.